Working remotely from home or own office has many benefits like work without any restriction, flexible hours, top-notch facilities, and many more. But on another hand, the remote worker has to face many challenges. Two of those is loneliness and isolation. It means you are missing the human reaction and all the social aspect that an office provides.

It causes a health problem, social problem, and leads to some contagious way like smoking or drinking. So to solve these two major problems we come up with Co Working Space in Ahmedabad.

Coworking Space: A Place Where People Grow Together


The coworking space or Shared Office Space in Ahmedabad is shared by many enthusiastic members like corporate worker, entrepreneur, freelancer, startup employee, and all those who work alone. This kind of space reduce loneliness and isolation and improve work. According to one survey:

  • 89% of people find grateful to join coworking space and Dedicated Cabins in Ahmedabad.
  • 54% of people are connecting during weekend activities or after work
  • 87% of people report that they meet other members for social interaction
  • 79% of people declared that their social network expand after joining coworking space
  • 83% of member says that they do not feel lonely more since they join a coworking space

Another research also says that professional network is also strongly enhanced by membership in a coworking space:

  • 82% of people accepted that their professional network has expanded after joining coworking space
  • 80% of people reported that they take help of guidance of other coworking members in some critical situations
  • For 64% of the member, coworking networking is an important source of business referrals and work.

If you join the coworking in the area of Business Center in Ahmedabad, it undoubtedly improves your engagement and improve your focus and motivates you.  The Full Furnished Office Space leads to fewer distractions compared to working from coffee shops or home.

Apart from it, the work aspect of coworking shows that it proved most valuable to all of the members irrespective of their work or level. Most of the people who work in the coworking Office on Rent in Ahmedabad describe it in the following words: community, fun, and social aspects.

Other studies also support these survey results. According to the University of Michigan researchers, the level of thriving is much higher in coworking members compared to the traditional employees. It shows in their work as it allows them to interact and socialize with other members of different field.

Another study report that Meeting Rooms in Ahmedabad and Coworking Spaces are huge sources of social support for all professional who works independently. And it is the main reason these spaces have good social interaction.

With the growing technology, more people working remotely and alone s they face loneliness and isolation.

For example, firms moving away from telecommuting, the corporates work remotely for continuous growth — 43 % of American work remotely from some of the time to the majority of the time. So the total number of independent work we including freelancers, startups, corporate, independent consultants, etc. are increasing who work remotely. Even India the number is also increasing. People work in coworking and manage meeting and other discussions at the coworking Board Rooms in Ahmedabad.

Even those companies who allow their employees to work in coworking space and pay for them also has many benefits. It provides an excellent business networking opportunity and exposure to innovative companies, services, and products. It improves the engagement of worker in work, and hence, companies will also get the benefit of it.

All independent workers should consider coworking space for work. They also get professional networking opportunities to find new opportunities and business. A research carried out in the members of coworking space, which concluded that 90% of the members are happy with their working space, and 94% of the member reported the price they paid was fair.

In short, if you are looking for coworking space, then you are not alone. It is estimated that globally, 3.8 million members are occupying coworking space by 2020. The reason behind the increasing number is coworking is not a workspace industry; it is the happiest industry.

So come to Sspacia and get all the benefits of coworking space and Event Space in Ahmedabad to improve work engagement level, productivity, and happiness.